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Credit problems? Have you been turned down for a car loan?
We can help get you approved for a car loan regardless of your credit history. At My Car Loan Today we have experience getting people approved:

  • Write-Offs and Closed Accounts
  • No Credit & History of Bad Credit
  • Multiple Collections
  • Consumer Proposal
  • Previous Bankruptcy
  • New to Canada with No Credit
  • Previous Repossession
  • Student Loans in Arrears
  • Missed Credit Card and Loan Payments

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We don't want you to be burdened with negative equity which will only worsen your financial situation and credit score. We want you to build equity in your new vehicle and for those who unfortunately are faced with a high interest rate work with you to improve your credit score so we can get you a new loan and vehicle at a much lower interest rate.

Please begin a relationship with us by filling out our secure online application and let's start your mission to having an "A" credit score!



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